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Izar-Leku Espumoso 2017



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Izar-Leku Espumoso is a sparkling wine from Gipuzkoa, which is located in the north of Spain and is characterised by the climate of the Cantabrian mountains. This dry sparkling wine is produced according to the traditional method from the autochthonous grapes Hondarribi Zuri and Hondarribi Beltza. Viticulture in this region dates back to the Middle Ages and it was pilgrims who brought the viticultural culture originating from northern Europe to the Gipuzkoa region. Brioche and fresh citrus notes, ripe pear, juicy mirabelle plum and salty mineral notes accompany the lively perlage of the Izar-Leku Espumoso. Ideal accompaniment to seafood and fish dishes.

Food that goes well with this wine

Izar-Leku Espumoso 2017