About Us

Wine Drop was created by the same team of winos who brought you AWC Philippines, the same passionate individuals with the very intention of helping you find a bottle to enjoy every last drop of.

AWC Philippines is a locally-owned importer and distributor of premium wines and spirits.

Wine Drop
/wīn dräp/

  1. A three-inch silver disc made of food grade mylar designed to be a drip-free extension spout of the bottle.
  2. A welcome break, a stopover, in your wine journey.
  3. An abode where you feel happy knowing you are consuming something that was especially curated for you.


  1. To be adventurous, a thrill-seeker. To explore life through good wine and good food.

Wine Drop Mission

Share our passion for wine and food with you, while guaranteeing that the wine you are about to take a sip of was curated especially for you. That the same wine was made by real people with real stories, mostly family stories and brought to you with the promise of enjoying its goodness on your dining table as you would in the winemaker’s family’s dining table.

Wine Drop Vision

We are here for you. We drink with you, we learn with you and we want to help ensure that you enjoy the wines we enjoy.