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Allan Scott - Cecilia Brut Marlborough Cuvee NV


New Zealand-Marlborough

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When the bottle is opened, the wine gracefully springs to life, greeting the senses with a vivacious burst of fruity and floral aromas. Blossoming fragrances intertwine seamlessly, offering a delightful bouquet featuring luscious apple, delicate pear, and subtle hints of ripe red berries.

On the palate, a refreshing wave of soft, fresh fruit dances elegantly upon the tongue. Layers of lemon and apple complexities unfold, adding depth and intrigue to the tasting experience. The journey culminates with a crisp and invigorating finish, leaving a lingering impression of purity and finesse.

Food that goes well with this wine

Allan Scott - Cecilia Brut Marlborough Cuvee NV