Choosing Your Wine Stash

  1. I’m a newbie and I’m not really sure what to get.
     Let us be your personal sommelier! Contact us and tell us your story, your
    likes and dislikes and we’ll make some suggestions for you.
  2. I’m up for an adventure, can you surprise me?
     Your wish is my command! Just message us and we’ll do the rest. Prepare
    your palate for some interesting sets specially curated for you.

Ordering and Purchasing

  1. How can I pay you?
     Payment is so easy! We accept:
  • Bank Transfers (BPI/Unionbank)
  • Credit Card on delivery/Credit Card Online (PayMaya Billing)
  1. I live outside Metro Manila, can you deliver there?
     Yes, we do. However, all deliveries outside of Metro Manila are arranged off the site and the customer shoulders the cost.


  1. How can I track my wine goodies?
     can be added later
  2. Are my wines in good temperature?
     Most definitely, we swear by it! Your precious wine bottles are all snuggled
    up in cold storage 24/7. We are a tropical country, but we made it work!
  1. How much will shipping cost?
     can be added later
  2. There’s something wrong with my wine, can you replace it?
     Don’t worry, we got you! You can return a corked wine given that:
  • You reported the incident within 24hrs from opening the bottle
  • At least 80% of the wine is still in there (cork included)
    If these are acknowledged by our wine team, we can easily arrange pick up of
    corked bottle and replacement or you can drop it in our office at AWC
    Philippines HO – 2F Alegria Alta Building, Don Chino Roces Extn.,
    Magallanes, Makati.
  1. The wine I chose is not really my type, help!
     Your satisfaction is our utmost priority, contact us and we can arrange a
    Zoom call to talk about this.

How can we help you?