Chateau de Chamirey & Domaine des Pedrix Awards by Wine Spectator

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Tedeschi Tasting Report by Wine Spectator Oct 2021 Issue

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How to open up and expand your wine world.   Prior to 2006, I was a wine heathen. That meant that I only drank fruit shakes with every meal and

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A taste of both worlds: The DDO Experience

Travel – A verb that has been dreamt of by many this 2020. Now that we are in this pandemic, we have to be creative and as wine-lovers say it

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Wineyards: Away in Alsace

Alsace is probably not on anyone’s top 3 places to visit in France unless you are into wine. But having been within the vicinity, with a wine

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Barbecue and Wine

The grill is hot and the steaks are ready, generously coated with sea salt, freshly cracked pepper, and a dash of extra-virgin olive oil for good

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