Sorgin 700ml ( 43% ABV)



This straightforward gin with a unique personality is best enjoyed neat or with tonic, which highlights the delicious bitterness of citrus and the fruitiness of blackcurrant. It is recommended to serve Sorgin with twist of grapefruit or orange.

Sorgin epitomises the spirit of celebrating and sharing, for people who are able maintain their energy and good humour all night long.

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Sorgin, a fantastically complex Gin distilled from the Sauvignon Blanc grape. Yup, you read that right. This so-called “winemaker’s Gin” is a Sauvignon Blanc distillate with added grapefruit zest, violets, lemon, gorse, lime zest, redcurrant buds, and of course a distillate of juniper.

It’s a unique and innovative spin on the classical tune and this remix is a harmony of two wildly different types of booze. It’s a silky-smooth Gin with elegant flavors and a firm Sauvignon Blanc background. It’s a delicious bridge that brings wine lovers and Gin aficionados together. Drink it neat or in a G&T, you’ll love it. The Brits might have won the Waterloo, but the French just made Gin much, much better.


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